How to Make Plant vs Zombies Game from Cardboard

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Slime Sam is really into zombie games. And he wants them in real life, not on the phone or a computer. That's why he and his human friend Sue start making Plants vs Zombies game out of cardboard! Those zombie characters are fun to make, they are so colorful, and they really move!

This DIY project is a bit more challenging, because it requires working with wires, motors, and batteries. Make sure you ask an adult to help you with that! You will also need some thick cardboard, a bit of thread, wooden sticks, small round magnets, some parchment paper, clear plastic film, and, of course, bright pictures from the game - all the zombie characters and some additional details.

Each zombie character is glued onto a special stand to knock it down with a magnet. You can make three levels of difficulty here! The game itself resembles a large box. To start the game, you need to insert a coin into a special slot. The game stops when a zombie reaches the finishing line or when you knock down all the zombies. Train well and you'll win!

By the way, do you remember this video when Sam and Sue made a review of the Zomber Geek game?

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