Best Vegan Lasagne Recipe - Vegan Mafia Style

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Ciao Famiglia

This fabulous vegan lasagne will even amaze your not-yet-vegan-friends!

Let us know how you like it. The Godfather music pumps this video up a little since vegans have also already been compared to the Mafia... ;-)

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Music: Outro Song: Voyage - LEMMiNO

Video and sound recorded with GoPro Hero 6 and Rode microphone Edited with Davinci Resolve

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My name is Tom. I'm a former professional chef and turned vegan on the 01.01.2017. Since then I have been on this journey and have made many exciting experiences. Also, trough my passion I have managed to inspire many people to go vegan too.

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Kiarash-Beats - The Godfather (Trap Remix) [No Copyright Music]

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Outro Music: Voyage - LEMMiNO (No Copyright Music)

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